5 Ways to Maximize Exhibitor ROI at Events

January 13, 2016 Justin

By: Justin Gonzalez
Senior Marketing Manager

There’s a misperception in the meetings industry that mobile event apps are just for attendees. When, in fact, event apps help every event stakeholder in a number of different ways… If you’re an exhibitor at an event powered by DoubleDutch, here are 5 tips to help you maximize event ROI.

1. Identify sales targets early. Most planners release their application in advance of the event. Explore the attendee list in the app, find relevant job titles or target accounts, follow, and engage with your best leads to setup a time to meet during the event using 1:1 messaging.

You can also identify relevant, sponsored, or competitor-hosted sessions and monitor who’s posting and what they’re saying about the session or competitor. Follow and engage those people in conversations. If they’re talking about your competitors, they just might be interested in your product, too!

2. Drive booth traffic during down times. There are a number of different ways to generate foot traffic to your booth, and the event app is a perfect venue for that. Post status updates in the app to highlight booth giveaways and swag, competitions, and more (just don’t get spammy). You’re already doing this on social media, why not do it in the event app too?

3. Create more visibility for your sales promotions. Did you know your event app has the ability to sort conversations using hashtags? Encourage attendees to create buzz about any booth promotions you might be running and including a hashtag to win more prizes. The more engagement you create around your brand in the event app, means more buzz for your brand at the event.

4. Follow up with leads after you scan a badge. In-app lead retrieval not only streamlines the lead capturing process for exhibitors, it gives you the opportunity to create continuous engagement with those leads in the event app. Follow and interact with these leads through the life of the event to create a more personal, one-to-one relationship. Ask them how the event is going, what sessions they’ve enjoyed, and if they’ll be attending any of the networking events later on. Sharing a beverage after a long day of education is always a great way to continue that relationship!

5. Take advantage of Targeted Offers. Similar to Search Engine Marketing, Targeted Offers gives you the ability to segment attendees within the application and deliver in-app promotions to a curated audience. Use this functionality to target specific accounts, booth visitors, and more!

Of course, these are just a few of the ways exhibitors can take advantage of their DoubleDutch event application. If you have a new, exciting idea to enhance exhibitor opportunities within the DoubleDutch platform let us know in the comments below!

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