3 Reasons Your Content Team Should Care About Your Event App

June 24, 2016 DoubleDutch Marketing

Live events play a huge role in engaging prospects at every stage of the marketing funnel—but marketers rarely consider that these events can also serve as a wellspring of ideas for your entire content marketing program.


Events require you as a marketer to gather up a year’s worth of content—maybe more—and to present a story that resonates with all of your attendees. But the narrative doesn’t stop there— your attendees then contribute to growing your story through status updates, comments, likes, and other feedback in your event app. This type of co-created, organic content becomes valuable insight that, if captured correctly, can clarify your brand story and propel it into the future with dozens of new ideas for months and even years to come.

By using the Live Engagement Platform, you can build a collaborative process that reflects your audience’s interests and enables them to participate fully in the content creation process. Using this co-created content enables you to enhance and optimize your marketing programs from the top to the bottom of the funnel.



Top-of-Funnel: Build on Attendee Engagement to Create a Holistic Narrative

Every status update your attendees post—every like, comment, and connection they make—enhances your event’s collective narrative. Your event’s live activity stream can inspire blog posts, videos, galleries, and other curated collections based around specific themes, drawing on attendee in-app commentary to add a variety of perspectives to the piece.


For example, when writing a blog post based on your keynote speaker’s presentation, you can pepper the story with comments your attendees shared in their event app while watching the session, and include quotes that your speaker shared in the post-speech online Q&A.


You can also use the event app to source audience questions during panel discussions. For the questions you’re not able to get to in time, you can follow up with a blog post where your panelists spend some time writing out responses to direct attendee questions.


This new type of attendee commentary adds a whole new dimension to your content strategy.

Middle-of-Funnel: Use App Activity as Inspiration for Follow-up Content

Mid-funnel prospects can be nurtured with white papers, ebooks, case studies, and other resources that use speaker and audience quotes to spotlight problems and solutions common to your industry. Event tech tools that analyze Live Engagement Marketing Data from your event, such as which panels and speakers are most popular, can help you identify which sessions you should record and repurpose.


To further optimize your mid-funnel content program, look to your attendees’ in-app conversations to see what they found most compelling or what they had questions about. If an attendee in an IoT conference responded to a poll within the app indicating an interest in asset management, your company could demonstrate its industry expertise by automating an email response serving up a well-researched white paper in response to that exact question.


By closely monitoring what information your attendees are seeking out, and then delivering value by providing that information, you can build up your company’s reputation as a trusted source of expertise.


Bottom-of-Funnel: Harness the Power of People

Bottom-funnel prospects are ready to buy, and are looking for reasons to choose for or against your solution. Now’s the time to harness the true power of your event app: Use it to solicit genuine positive feedback about your brand from your attendees that you can share with future prospects.


Use in-app surveys to ask attendees questions about their use of the product or their opinion of your organization, and compile that data into a detailed report. Study your event analytics to discover who the key influencers are at your event, and monitor their in-app conversations for positive mentions of your brand—you can then follow up with them by interviewing them after the event for a customer case study.


Finally, watch in-app conversations for off-the-cuff raves about your brand. Such discussions were once largely limited to the conference room floor, but now they’ve moved to the digital domain, and your company can leverage them to the fullest extent possible through curated testimonials, which you can spotlight prominently on your website and sales collateral.

Always Optimize for Success

You have a more in-depth understanding of your audience than ever before. Live Engagement Marketing Data enables you to drill down at a granular level to see how attendees are reacting to your live content. You now have the ability to take the pulse of your event, and keep it beating. You know which topics inspired attendees, and which riled them up. You know which people made the biggest difference at your event. You know what worked and what didn’t.

In-app data can inspire — and help you optimize — your entire content marketing program. Give your audience more of the content that resonates with them, and build on their positive in-app reactions to create a steady stream of collaborative content that will fuel your marketing efforts all year long.


Contact us to learn more about the DoubleDutch Live Engagement Platform. Click here to read other key takeaways from our world tour. 

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