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May 25, 2016 Tiffany Xia

Using the live data gathered from LE NY, the DoubleDutch team was able to make immediate changes to anything from the talk track to seating arrangements for LE DC in order to optimize the experience for attendees and meet our own business objectives. The result was an energy score that was twice that of New York!

In New York, it was clear attendees were excited about the silly moments of the event. When we shifted our focus to be on quality of engagement over quantity the trending hashtags and topics followed suit.

Top Hashtags

  1. #doubledutch

  2. #DoubleDutch

  3. #eventmarketing

  4. #ddletour

  5. #liveengagement

In an effort to reward quality engagement over quantity, our team announced we would be giving away a custom piece of artwork created during the event to a lucky attendee. After sparking serious conversation and debate in the application, Cynthia Zhu came out on top and won the mural!

Most Influential Attendees:

  1. J. Tyler Wilson

  2. Cynthia Zhu

  3. Bob Fine

First time users of the app were exposed to best-practices from current customers, who we recognize are our best advocates.

“ARCOS was able to use session survey data post-event to identify top speakers as well as top topics. Mixing multiple choice questions with short response style makes for an easy quick glance as well as deeper information for those who want to delve deeper.”

- J. Tyler Wilson, Digital Marketing Professional @ ARCOS LLC

Ultimately, the live engagement platform transcended “event app” and organically fostered a community of like-minded individuals who are able to access relevant content and conversation for the remainder of the year.

Hey #DoubleDutch, How long will this specific event app be accessible? I'd like to refer back to it etc. 

- Kelin Kushin, Executive Director @ OEP National Education Center

If you haven’t already, be sure to save the date for our inaugural user conference this Fall. The DoubleDutch team will be traveling through Chicago, Toronto, and Europe to complete the remainder of the Live Engagement Tour. Registration for these dates is free.


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