Find the Content Sweet Spot Through Survey Data

June 16, 2016 DoubleDutch Marketing

Listen to the Feedback

In our never ending quest to deliver the right content to our audience, we’ve continually listened to the feedback we receive from post-event surveys, session ratings and reviews. As more of the post-event data came in, a common theme emerged: our attendees want to hear the nuts and bolts around Live Engagement Marketing.

In many cases, attendees felt some of the content stayed too high level and lacked the actionable takeaways they need to do their jobs better. Attendees seemed to crave specific how-to’s and best practices they can take back to the office and implement immediately.


With this in mind, it was an easy shift for us going into our Toronto event. We changed up the content to address the needs of our audience. One session in particular stood out as a quick test to see if we could deliver the kind of tactical knowledge our audience was craving: How DoubleDutch Uses DoubleDutch.


Shake Things Up

In previous events, the panel was moderated by Justin Gonzalez (Senior Content Marketing Manager) and was made up of our CEO, Lawrence Coburn, CMO, Emily He, and Head of Events, Lindsey Lyle. Given the makeup of the panel it really served three purposes: to demonstrate that events are a C-level agenda item, to position events within the larger marketing strategy, and to highlight our overall Live Engagement Strategy.

Rather than staying so high-level during the “How DoubleDutch Uses DoubleDutch” panel, we decided to bring it back down to earth by providing a behind-the-scenes look at how we made everything happen. The team members responsible for conceptualizing and implementing our Live Engagement Strategy for that very event shared their thought process, specific tactics and learnings along the way.


The Toronto session was moderated by Emily He, with panelists including: Lindsey Lyle, Justin Gonzalez, and Teresa Fok (Product Marketing Manager). Each panelist had a focused area of expertise as it relates to The Live Engagement Tour and spoke in detail how they thought through their part of the strategy.


Lindsey spoke to the overall event experience and working cross-functionally to execute our strategy, Justin shared how we’re using the content coming out of the event application to inform our larger content strategy, and Teresa discussed the importance of having an onsite App Champion and the various levers we were pulling while the event took place.


Measure the Impact

With this simple switch up, we saw an interesting shift in the types of conversations taking place in the app that came out of the event content. In our earlier events much of the event app activity feed consisted of inspirational quotes from speakers onstage, photos of the venue, food and more — the high-level, thought leadership type content we were pushing at the time.

By rethinking our event content to focus on the specific tactics and strategies being implemented we saw more direct questions about DoubleDutch product features and functionality, and, much to our liking, direct sales interest!


While it’s still too early to share sales results, we can say that our NPS increased by 33% from our initial event in NYC to Toronto and the post-event survey feedback, ratings and reviews indicate we’ve really found the sweet spot between thought leadership content and the kind of tactical know-how people are seeking. This type of feedback gave us valuable insight into the types of best practices our audience wants to learn more about and will inform our future content strategy in a big way.


The final leg of The Live Engagement Tour kicks off next week in London, with the last event taking place in Amsterdam and we hope to see you there!


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