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May 25, 2016 DoubleDutch Marketing

A key takeaway from our NYC event was how attendees were using the application versus how we had intended them to use it. While we saw lots of in-app activity, that didn’t necessarily translate into meaningful connections on the event floor.


Our goal was to encourage attendees to have meaningful and thought provoking conversations. For us, meaningful engagement meant taking actions like commenting on other individuals status updates, following each other within the app, and asking questions about session content.


New York




With that in mind, when we hit the stage in DC we simply decided to be upfront and tell attendees what we wanted then to do in the application.


Rather than reward people for taking any actions in the application, we told the audience we would be rewarding influential attendees at the end of the event and explained how they can become influential. We also asked them to bookmark sessions, speakers and exhibitors to give us direct feedback about the event.


To be successful, we found it was important to incorporate clear calls-to-action through both our application and onstage presence. Our message? Help us, help you.



As event organizers, we know we can always do something better or different. Honest and open feedback from our audience is crucial to not only the future success of our events but, more importantly, it helps us be better partners for our customers.


When attendees rate and review sessions, speakers and sponsors we gain an understanding of what’s working and what isn’t. By focusing on what’s in it for the attendee we get the feedback we want. So, we decided to focus on what’s in it for them when they use the application to give us this kind of feedback and tried a number of different tactics.


In short, we made it clear that in order for us to deliver the best experience for you, we’d need your feedback.


Make Survey Data Actionable

Our job is to deliver the right content to the right audience at the right time. With that in mind, it’s paramount we know who’s attending and, more importantly, what they are hoping to learn.


To better tailor event content for our attendees we used a pre-event survey to learn more about who was coming and their specific goals at the event. The most important part of this is ensuring we, as event organizers and content marketers, actually use the data to curate our attendee’s experience. Asking and doing nothing with the feedback proves useless.


New York




After the event, we ran a follow-up survey to find out how we did in comparison to their goals for attending the event, the content they wanted to hear more about and, how likely are they to recommend the event to a friend.


NY NPS: 42

DC NPS: 54 (+28%)


Each question in this survey had a purpose. The first being for us to evaluate whether we indeed provided the audience what they had wanted to get out of the event. The second was to gauge which topics they wanted to hear more about, once we know that we can create follow-up marketing content based on their answers. And, lastly, how likely are you to recommend this event helps us to understand how we did overall.


Engage Attendees With Live Polls

Live Polls are a fantastic way to engage your audience and ensure they feel a part of the conversation. Keeping in line with ensuring we hit on their goals for attending the event, we ran a live poll during our opening remarks to draw attendees in from the get-go.


POLL: What are you most interested in learning about at the event?


Interest Rate

Email Open Rate

How to better engage attendees



How to analyze event success



How to automate the event experience




Based on how an attendee responded to the live poll, we triggered an automated email to come out of Marketo with a pro-tip response.


Learn from Ratings & Reviews

During our opening remarks we made sure to encourage and give time for attendees to bookmark sessions, speakers and exhibitors. By doing so, the Live Engagement App triggers timely reminders in the Activity Feed to rate and review the various items and provide feedback while it’s fresh on attendees’ minds rather than hours, days or even weeks later.



NYC Ratings

DC Ratings

% Increase

The Dawn of Live Engagement Marketing




Exploring the Live Engagement Platform





This instant feedback allows us to make changes to content on-the-fly while also giving our sales team incredibly relevant information for the post-event follow up call.


Key Learning 1: Focus On Quality Over Quantity

Rather than rewarding people for taking any action within the application we decided to focus on taking the right kind of action. Thinking through the Live Engagement Funnel and really honing in on the types of activities that would move attendees down to ultimately become customers we saw much higher quality of engagement in DC in comparison to NYC.


Now, it’s important to note we’re testing a theory here: that an attendee’s Energy Score can predict positive business outcomes. While we don’t have concrete data to demonstrate its success just yet, we feel confident we are heading in the right direction.


Key Learning 2: Use Digital and Live Calls-to-Action

We found incredible power in incorporating live and digital calls-to-action for our attendees to give us feedback in-the-moment rather than after-the-fact. By clearly communicating onstage that our goal was to deliver the best experience possible and pulling the levers available in the Live Engagement App, we received invaluable amounts of high-quality feedback. As we continue to travel the globe, we look forward to iterating on our content and overall event strategy to ensure you get what you came for… and then some!

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