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June 30, 2016 Tiffany Xia - Digital Marketing Associate, DoubleDutch



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The 2016 Spring Release announced the launch of our integrations with various Marketing Automation Systems and CRMs. With that, the DoubleDutch team took to the hills and implemented Marketo and Salesforce integrations with our own LE Tour App – signaling the first successful Live Engagement Marketing event! The app captured key signals from attendees interacting with the app, which were sent to Marketo in real-time for relevant lead scoring and follow-up. With app adoption around 90% for the London and Amsterdam stops, our team was able to instrument timely and relevant follow up conversations for our half-day events.

Marketo Integration

Live Polling Follow Up

Our team set a pre-event poll asking, “What are you most interested in learning about at the event?”

Marketo Integration

We all know how polling works, but with the Marketo integration, the team was able personalize follow-ups to attendees based on these results. We had set up a campaign in Marketo that automatically triggered targeted email responses based on attendees’ answers with tips and resources relating to the response.

marketo email alert


Score Leads Based on Event Behavior

The Live Engagement Tour leveraged in-app Attendee Session Scanning to scan attendee badges and record which sessions they attended. As soon as a badge was scanned, a signal is transferred to Marketo, triggering a follow up email which allowed us to send tailored post-event collateral. For instance, attendees who stopped by our Product Demo Session were sent product-related collateral the day after the event. In fact, any team has the power to trigger emails an hour, day, week, etc. to attendees who surpassed a particular energy score OR attended a specific session.

What This Means for Your Team

Integrating your event app with your organization’s marketing automation system (whether that be Marketo, Eloqua, and more.) gives your team unprecedented power to send better follow up campaigns to leads generated by the channel with the most engagement: your event.

For instance, you can send relevant content before the event begins based on bookmarked sessions. This gives you the power to facilitate the discussion by equipping attendees with the content your team wants to resonate.

Similar to how our team used polling at LE Tour, take post-event surveys to the next level by triggering customized email responses based on attendees’ survey response. This makes a great way for your organization to measure NPS scores (i.e. by asking “How likely is it that you would recommend this event to a colleague?”) and garner suggestions to improve practices for the next event. Take it even further by sending attendees who responded positively bottom of funnel content or ask them directly to request a demo.

Salesforce Integration

Automate Alerts Based on Lead Activity

Previously being in sales myself, the Salesforce integration excites me the most. In Amsterdam, the team automated email alerts to DoubleDutch representatives once an attendee (a.k.a. hot lead!) was scanned into the session.

SFDC Integration

This notifies the sales rep, in real-time, when and if a registered attendee shows up, eliminating the blind guessing game, and empowering the sales rep to welcome their prospects to the event and drive conversation.  


sfdc alert email

Imagine what this means to an event with multiple tracks and break out sessions across a tradeshow floor or giant venue!

Orchestrate Immediate Sales Follow Up

Live Engagement Marketing aims to drive leads faster down the marketing and sales funnels, and the Live Engagement Tour was no exception. Following each city, Lindsey Lyle, our Head of Event Marketing sends a comprehensive post-event digest to all sales teams with in-app behavior reports and Energy Scores. The in-app activity report gives sales reps rich info on attendee interests so they can follow up with informed conversations.

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 11.29.15 AM

While Energy Scores enable sales reps to prioritize follow ups based on their engagement with at the event. Both of these reports can be exported through the DoubleDutch platform’s Lead Manager and Performance Manager.

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 11.26.43 AM


Wish our sales teams luck! 😉


These integrations have empowered our team with more visibility into the performance of our physical events. Not only have we been able to make real-time improvements based on attendee sentiment, we altered our content, speakers, and talk-track from city to city based off of the Live Engagement Platform insights.

The entire team is looking forward to using these integrations on a larger scale at our industry conference, November 3rd. Multiple tracks, more time, and more active participants will allow us to collect, score, and follow up with leads in even more versatile ways. Needless to say, we are excited to lead the charge in Live Engagement Marketing.

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