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May 25, 2016 Tiffany Xia

The New York leg of our Live Engagement Tour marked the dawn of Live Engagement Marketing. “Live events, if done right, represent an incredibly exciting opportunity for content marketing and conversation curation,” says our own CMO, Emily He, which is exactly what happened here.

Below are a few key take-aways from the genesis of a new marketing discipline. Using the DoubleDutch Studio, we gathered post-event data and were able to immediately able to influential topics and attendees. It's evident that the conversations within the app directly reflected the content presented during the session. 

Top Hashtags

  1. #willpauseforpics

  2. #letour

  3. #willposeforpics

  4. #LiveEngagementTour

  5. #DoubleDutch

When our MC, Justin Gonzalez, took the stage in NYC to get the audience ready we knew we were in for a treat. As part of his opening monologue, Justin wanted to try his hand at planting a hashtag early on to see if it would resonate with the audience. How’d he do it? With a simple line…

"I’ve been told I often speed through housekeeping items, but I promise you this… I will pause for pics."
—Justin Gonzalez

...and the rest was history!

At the end of it all, our 3 most influential attendees were:

  1. Liz King

  2. Tazmun Nahar

  3. Brittany Lucero

Anyone who’s anyone in the New York events scene has heard the name Liz King before. So, it was no surprise to us when we discovered the founder of Techsytalk, Liz King, skyrocketed to become one of our most influential attendees.

Peers shared best practices with one another in real-time relative to what was being discussed during the session.  

“Push messages are a great way for event marketers to make announcements. My business uses them often for announcements as well as late changes since event perfection doesn’t exist. It drives app engagement when a colleague gets infor before a non-user. #attendeescompete”

- Jason Askew, Event Solutions & Digital Operations Manager - Global Marketing @ Schneider Electric

The app was organically able to facilitate networking amongst a community of like-minded individuals.

“Would love to connect with other social media managers about how to use hashtags at large-scale events. Let’s connect!”

- Jenny Kessman, Social Media & Marketing Manager @ LendIt Conference

These moments, combined with other sentiments from the activity feed helped DoubleDutch turn engagement into insight and uncover a treasure trove of data to improve on the DC event just 2 days later.


Catch the rest of the Live Engagement Tour in North America and EMEA by registering here

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