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May 25, 2016 DoubleDutch Marketing

There is a palpable energy during live events. Attendees on the edge their seats, speakers owning the stage, the venue, catering and atmosphere all playing off each other to create a moment you’ll always remember.


While the data still trended positive and our guts told us the event was good (notice not great) when we looked at the range of Energy Scores coming out of NYC we knew we’d have to up the ante in DC.


Change the Environment

Because we seek out unique venues for our events we sometimes have to give up the comforts  of a traditional event venue.


At Houston Hall in NYC this meant we had long beer hall tables at the back of the house to accommodate eating and networking and theater-style seating in front of the stage. We quickly learned that once attendees had settled down in the back of the house it was difficult to get them to relocate up near the stage once it was showtime.



Rather than remove tables altogether in DC, we decided to use them to our advantage at Penn Social. By using high-rounds with three seats to a table on the main floor in front of the stage, we not only made it easy for attendees to eat and network, but we ensured they would be up close to the action onstage.


We received a lot of praise for the unique layout and venue choices, which was refreshing to hear as it’s a key differentiator to attending The Live Engagement Tour. We understand event and meeting professionals spend day in and day out in conference halls, so


Change the Pace

We also made some simple changes to our content. By incorporating the use of intro/outro music and adding a few video interludes to elevate the production value, you could feel the energy in the DC heighten to a new level.



In revisiting the content structure, we knew what worked and what didn’t from NYC based on feedback from attendees. For example, while the high-level sessions from Lawrence (CEO) and Lucian (VP of Product) ranked high, feedback from attendees was that they craved more real-life examples.


To meet this request we turned our final session, How DoubleDutch Uses DoubleDutch, into a panel with the key event stakeholders sharing step-by-step how we created the Live Engagement Tour, the world’s first Live Engagement Marketing event.


We also added extra time to the customer panel even went as far as to reward our Event Prof of the Month, Ariana Solis Gomez, with a special moment in front of the entire audience — further demonstrating our commitment to our customers, their stories, and their growth within the industry.



Key Learning: Try Something Unique

All in all, the simple changes we made to layout and content structure had an incredible impact on the energy of the room. The audience’s energy then has a snowball effect on your speakers and sponsors as well — everything flows to the next. By looking at the data and shaking things up a bit from one event to the next, we not only hit a homerun for our attendees, but the post-event reports help support our initial hunch.

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