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August 10, 2016
For most organizations, events represent the biggest marketing spend, yet event professionals often find themselves play a support role to other marketing and business functions. With increased adoption of digital and mobile technology, the events industry is undergoing the most significant transformation in the last 850 years. Event professionals now have access to a tremendous amount of live engagement data that can provide valuable insights to their customers and help accelerate business outcomes. It’s time for them to seize the opportunity to get a seat at the strategy table, become an agent of change, and expand their influence in the organization. DoubleDutch CMO, Emily He, will give you the practical ideas and inspiration you need to bring your organization onboard and illuminate your path to leadership.
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DoubleDutch + ASAE: Customer Testimonial

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4 Big Ways to Use Live Engagement Data
4 Big Ways to Use Live Engagement Data

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