Customer Testimonials

Hear how Live Engagement Marketing is transforming the way these #eventprofs do business.

  • DoubleDutch + SAP: Customer Testimonial3:06

    DoubleDutch + SAP: Customer Testimonial

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  • DoubleDutch + MongoDB: Customer Testimonial2:14

    DoubleDutch + MongoDB: Customer Testimonial

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  • DoubleDutch + Bosch:  #EventProf Award Winner2:08

    DoubleDutch + Bosch: #EventProf Award Winner

    With over 80 global events powered by DoubleDutch, Bosch chooses DoubleDutch because of the level engagement they see in their event app. Using the DoubleDutch Event Performance dashboard, Bosch glean

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  • DoubleDutch + Cadence: Customer Testimonial3:13

    DoubleDutch + Cadence: Customer Testimonial

    Events are crucial to the Cadence marketing, sales, and product teams. Year-after-year they take their team across the globe to meet with customers during their CDN LIVE Roadshow Series, spanning the

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  • DoubleDutch + NRECA: Customer Testimonial2:24

    DoubleDutch + NRECA: Customer Testimonial

    The importance of customization, gathering attendee feedback, and ease of building an app was crucial for NRECA when picking the right vendor. DoubleDutch came out on top and now powers 16 events a ye

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  • DoubleDutch + Akamai: Customer Testimonial2:42

    DoubleDutch + Akamai: Customer Testimonial

    John Buten, Sr. Director, Global Marketing at Akamai Technologies, explains how the events at Akamai are more than a moment, but an entire campaign within the marketing team. Akamai is the global le

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  • DoubleDutch + BlackLine: Customer Testimonial2:50

    DoubleDutch + BlackLine: Customer Testimonial

    BlackLine's marketing leaders explain how events help them accelerate the sales and find true advocates within their customer base, and how DoubleDutch helps attain these goals. BlackLine provides s

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  • DoubleDutch + Messe Frankfurt: #EventProf Award Winner2:43

    DoubleDutch + Messe Frankfurt: #EventProf Award Winner

    DoubleDutch is awarding 4 customers with the #EventProf of the Quarter awards in 2016. We ambushed Chris Pendley at his Atlanta office to surprise him with his much deserved award. Watch to see how M

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  • DoubleDutch + The eLearning Guild: Customer Testimonial2:05

    DoubleDutch + The eLearning Guild: Customer Testimonial

    The eLearning Guild, DevLearn 2016 conference, powered by DoubleDutch was yet again a huge success! SVP and Executive Director, David Kelly, explains why DoubleDutch is at the cutting edge of technolo

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  • DoubleDutch + Gainsight: #EventProf Award Winner2:52

    DoubleDutch + Gainsight: #EventProf Award Winner

    DoubleDutch is awarding 4 customers with the #EventProf of the Quarter awards in 2016. We ambushed Samantha Wheatley at her Silicon Valley office to surprise her with this much deserved award. Watch

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  • DoubleDutch + ASAE: Customer Testimonial2:04

    DoubleDutch + ASAE: Customer Testimonial

    ASAE powers their annual conference with DoubleDutch in order to energize the crowd, foster networking amongst members, and distribute relevant content

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  • DoubleDutch + Centurylink: Customer Testimonial2:04

    DoubleDutch + Centurylink: Customer Testimonial

    CenturyLink, a 43,000 person enterprise telecomm company, uses and believes in the power of the DoubleDutch Platform to increase attendee engagement during their roadshow, sell their product, measure

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  • DoubleDutch + CalABA: Customer Testimonial2:13

    DoubleDutch + CalABA: Customer Testimonial

    Learn how the California Association for Behavior Analysis up-leveled their annual conference, a gathering of over 2100 professionals, and used DoubleDutch to sell and procure sponsorships, increasing

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  • DoubleDutch + PRSA Customer Testimonial2:04

    DoubleDutch + PRSA Customer Testimonial

    PRSA leaders sit down to explain why technology is important to their non-profit and how they took their event to the next level by using the activity feed, surveys, and promoted posts - to deepen att

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  • DoubleDutch + SaaStr: Customer Testimonial2:07

    DoubleDutch + SaaStr: Customer Testimonial

    SaaStr's annual conference has grown from a small community in 2015 and scaled to include 10,000 founders and VPs in SaaS. Founder, Jason Lemkin, explains the importance of building a community and ap

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  • DoubleDutch + US Navy League: Customer Testimonial2:06

    DoubleDutch + US Navy League: Customer Testimonial

    Kevin Traver, Staff VP of Corporate Affairs details how the Navy League, a 114 year-old organization, adopted the DoubleDutch platform to supercharge the annual Sea Air Space Show. Hear how his team l

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  • DoubleDutch + BlackRock: #EventProf Award Winner2:04

    DoubleDutch + BlackRock: #EventProf Award Winner

    DoubleDutch is awarding 4 customers with the #EventProf of the Quarter awards in 2016. We ambushed Cassie Muniak at her New York office to surprise her with her award. Watch to see how BlackRock is us

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  • DoubleDutch + Episerver: Customer Testimonial2:21

    DoubleDutch + Episerver: Customer Testimonial

    Episerver's global user conference was powered by DoubleDutch for the first time in 2015. They saw nearly 100% engagement from attendees and even had their partners and sponsors sending promotions via

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  • DoubleDutch + Decoded Fashion: Customer Testimonial2:22

    DoubleDutch + Decoded Fashion: Customer Testimonial

    Decoded Fashion is the top global event series connecting decision-makers in Fashion, Beauty and Retail with emerging and established technology companies. They use DoubleDutch to increase attendee en

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  • DoubleDutch + Sime: Customer Testimonial2:19

    DoubleDutch + Sime: Customer Testimonial

    Sime is Northern Europe’s largest conference about the Internet and digital business opportunities. DoubleDutch powered this year's conference in Stockholm, shaping the way over 1,000 attendees intera

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